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Step into the future with Digiclass 

Step into the future with Digiclass, a holistic blended, e-Learning solution for your institution. DigiClass is the epitome of interactive and collaborative e-Learning, providing learners with the inspiration they need to achieve their full potential, whilst gaining valuable 21st century ICT Skills that they can take into the workplace. DigiClass addresses three very important factors of education technology; ICT, Content and Pedagogy.

Digiclass is a total turnkey solution from an LMS, Hardware infrastructure (WiFi, server and tablets) to project management which includes installations, configuration, teacher training, change management and technical support.

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DigiClass is an ecosystem of interactive apps, that support teaching and learning. The apps include:

  • Calendar

  • Exams

  • Library

  • Forum

  • Announcements


  • Classes

  • Polls

  • eReader

  • Activities

  • Parents


  • Resources

  • Homeworks

  • Chat

  • Grades

  • Third party apps


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